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MP3 programs for your PC

  • AudioActive
    Professional MP3/AAC encoding and decoding solutions

  • AudioCD MP3 Studio
    Record MP3 files directly to audio CD! MAKE YOUR OWN AUDIO CDs IN MINUTES!The ultimate tool for creating and managing your private music archives using space-saving high-compression formats. Fast and simple. Extract tracks from audio CDs with standard CD-ROM drives. Store them with or without compression. Combine them and record your own audio CDs..

  • AudioGrabber
    Grabs digital audio from CDs

    Copy audio tracks to CDs

  • CDex
    Freeware, open source application for converting CD audio tracks to wav or MP3 files

  • Daily Updated MP3 Software
    collection of downloadable players, skins, plugins, encoders, rippers, and other utilities.

  • Digital Audio Copy
    program designed to copy audio tracks from CDs to your hard disk via your CDROM drive. WinDAC32 and DAC for DOS shareware versions available for download.

  • EAC - Exact Audio Copy
    freeware program copies audio data from your CD player to a stereo .wav file while bypassing your sound card.

  • MpegTV

  • mpg123 (with source code)
    A fast, free and portable MPEG audio player. The fastest MP3 decoder with source code available.

  • mpg123.

  • PM123,

  • Sonique
    MP3 player which have the most beautiful screen I have ever found. This software also have so many features that can take more than 100 lines if I want to list it.

  • Soritong,

  • Winamp streaming MP3 radio.

  • Xaudio

  • Xing Audio catalyst 1.5

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